Smart Contract
documentation made easy

Beima is a smart contract development suite that easily lets you document and test your smart contracts without a single line of code.


Easy to use
on the go

By Just pasting your ABI and smart contract, Beima lets you auto generate documentation for your smart contracts, and test them with the click of a button.

Beima saves developers time to create smart contract documentation

Developers using Beima

Documentations created

How It Works

Here’s a visual step by step process of how to use Beima

  • Upload Smart Contract & ABI

    Start by uploading your ABI and smart contract files on the app, and Beima will read and auto generate documentation for you.

  • Describe your functions and events

  • Publish your documentation

how it works image 1
how it works image 2
how it works image 3


Our milestones in the coming future

Smart Contract Documentation


Create content on social media, tutorials, youtube videos

Grow users to 1000+

Implement Smart contract testing

Marketing and Growth of product to 5000+

Auto auditing of smart contracts